About us


PicoleTV is an online video service, powered by PICOLELive, that allows anyone globally to watch a selected, exclusive variety of carefully produced and curated unique short skits, documentaries, interviews and stories created by kids and families. 90% of this content is currently written, produced and developed by kids and families and related to home improvement, comedy, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. There’s always something new to discover, and more short skits, series and shows are added every month!

You wouldn’t see these videos anywhere else but on Picole Kids.

The more you watch, the better Picole Kids gets at automatically recommending videos and skits you’ll love.

You can play, pause, and resume watching, and enjoy videos while traveling, taking a lunch break from work or relaxing at home. Go ahead, grab any device and start watching unique videos you might never see anywhere else

Who We Are
and what we do

We are young kids. Happy and proud of who we are and the talents we share.  We are writers, directors, producers and artists, independently sharing our talent with the world.  We live in different parts of the world and contribute to the content of this platform to educate the viewers about our lives of creating and giving.

About Our Team
and who works for us

Our team involves a core set of Children, Parents, Production, Program Management and Technology Architects.  Together bringing the best of content and delivering it through fast and solid technology online and via mobile.

Our Content
and its categories

Our content mostly comprises of Home videos, Events, Comedy, Health, Fitness and Lifestyles that many people around the world never knew about kids, family-life and giving people in need, near and far away from the United States. More categories would be created but these are the facets of content to enjoy meanwhile.

15-20year olds
21-35year olds
36-50year olds
50+ years old