“Alone we can do so little, TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH”

– Helen Keller

Our mission…

is to celebrate personal confidence, self-acceptance, and positive self-image. Our spring Global Fashion Show will showcase fashions that fit ALL body types and ALL cultures. Picole Kids will also enable kids to appreciate the beauty of an in-person community and will help them resist the image addiction (and even bullying) that comes with too much digital/mobile interaction.

Picole Kids is more than just a family business or a fashion show (not your Hollywood type of fashion, at least). It’s a place where children can be creative and learn how to be successful no matter what future they choose. And it’s an environment that embraces family values that too often get lost when kids first learn about premium brands and exclusive stereotypes. Picole Kids is where your children can be themselves and grow as a community.

Whatever you choose to do with us we will value your time and effort.

Meet Picole Kids

How Picole Kids Came to Be

I’ve worked as a fashion-show professional most of my life. Last year, while organizing a new show for kids, my 6-year-old daughter Eva came to me and asked, “Mom, can I help?” At first, I was unsure. But after I took advantage of her offer—and after then accepted offers by the rest of my kids—I began to realize that this was an industry that could hugely use a makeover. Why not have the young people themselves pitch in and help stage the show? And why not have the show be a lot more about who they are… and a lot less about what a billion-dollar industry wants us to look like?


Dear Friends,

On behalf of Picole Kids, I would like to invite you to take part in an incredible opportunity this year by supporting our annual Fashion show.

You will have the chance to promote your business, while supporting our mission to celebrate positive self-image and face-to-face community. The purpose is to showcase fashions that fit all body types from all cultures. We also will focus on raising awareness about bullying and the ways in which youth today can stand against it.

This year, we have challenged ourselves to make a positive impact on future generations. And in doing so, we kindly ask for your company’s generous donation in support of our efforts in raising funds to reach our goals.

As we can only achieve our goals with your help, it is essential for us to work tirelessly to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from our event.

In return for your generosity, we promote your business with brand-recognition during our fundraising events, the performance night, and in our show program. Our promotional efforts will provide you with a great opportunity to increase recognition of your company amongst today’s youth, as well as their parents, and our community through a unique and memorable approach.

I sincerely hope that you will take this proposal into consideration as our event depends greatly on the generous support of members of the local business community such as yourself.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at Producer@howesproductions.com.

Thank you for your consideration and interest in our show and organization. I look forward to speaking with you.


Gisella Howe and Picole Kids Team

Who We Are

We are young kids. Happy and proud of who we are and the talents we share.  We are writers, directors, producers and artists, independently sharing our talent with the world.  We live in different parts of the world and contribute to the content of this platform to educate the viewers about our lives of creating and giving.


Our team involves a core set of Children, Parents, Production, Program Management and Technology Architects. Together bringing the best of content and delivering it through fast and solid technology online and via mobile.


Our content mostly comprises of Home videos, Events, Comedy, Health, Fitness and Lifestyles that many people around the world never knew about kids, family-life and giving people in need, near and far away from the United States. More categories would be created but these are the facets of content to enjoy meanwhile.